I am Eric Denton

I want to make things that make people happy.

Help me help you!

I am never satisfied with "this is how we do it, and how we've been doing it for years." Throughout my career, I have tried my best to improve things I came across; updated Photoshop "recipes," streamlined cataloging processes, added scripting to make forms more legible and visually appealing, cleaned up "good enoughs," and saved lots of wasted time and money.

I am good at finding the things that should be fixed. Let me learn and work with you, and see what we can fix along the way.

What I'm Good At

User Focus

I have had a love of UX before I knew the term, and I want to make things people can use easily and as prescribed. I've learned not to get an ego, and iterate, iterate, iterate.


I love making things, and enjoy working with spec or directly with clients. Creativity is something that I feel flowing through all aspects of my life.


Whether coding up a personal app idea or grinding out some server side logic, I've come to love learning how to make ideas a digital reality.


Oweski Front-End Capstone

Oweski is a way to easily track a “back and forth” debt and/or credit amongst friends, and has turned out to be a very rewarding and satisfying project for me, both personally and as a student/developer. I utilized HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, MaterializeCss, and FireBase. What I took away from this project was that I could actually do the things I set out to accomplish. (Visit Oweski.me)

TallyHome Back-End Capstone

TallyHome is a diary of milestones for your home. It can be used to catalog home improvements such as: the purchase of new appliances, major upgrades (roof, home addition/renovation, HVAC, plumbing, electric, etc…) as well as a place to keep track of the receipts, warranty and insurance information, appliance life-cycle expectancy and images. I got this idea from wanting a way to keep up with the changes I've made to my own home. TallyHome is a simple way to track all the information regarding home updates in one place. TallyHome was created using many of the tools I've learned in my time at NSS: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Mongoose, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Express, and Node.JS. (Visit TallyHomeApp.com)

AccessAble UX Capstone

AccessAble is aimed at helping individuals with disabilities gain easier access to concert tickets. Using the practices of modern day UX, I named and framed the problem, discovered my users and created personas to focus my problem statement, journey mapped their situations, mocked up, and iterated, iterated, iterated my suggestion/solution. This was a great learning experience and AccessAble is something that I plan to develop further, as I feel like a need could be filled and a population could be helped. (Read more on Wordpress)

WYSIWYG Exercise

For this exercise the front end portion of the class, we were tasked with creating a series of cards that react to user input. I really enjoyed this project as I got to stretch my legs a bit on some of the CSS and animations. I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how to make the "3 dimensional" folder flap at the top. I did so with a second "invisible div" above the main content div. This allowed me to play around with the border bottom and create the desired effect. This project I totally went "down the rabbit hole" and just kept digging and digging for the result I wanted. (Check it out on Codepen)

Technologies Utilized

Eric Denton

Contact Me

Please feel free to reach out to me. Whether through email or connecting through one of the linked social media sites at the bottom. I would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for your time.

For a collection of things I found helpful along the way, check out The Code Shoulder, or for a couple things that kept me sane, try my SlackMojis repo.